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Memo to Students: Updates on Preparations for Remote Instruction

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

As you know, most universities, including KU, have moved to remote instruction for the remainder of the semester. This is a big task and an even bigger change. We want you to know how we in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences are pulling together to ensure that we will be ready to successfully start remote classes on Monday. We encourage you to share this information with your family, as well. You can also find a link to this communication and other updates from the College at https://college.ku.edu/

Faculty Preparation
Faculty have been working diligently to move face-to-face classes to remote formats. The College already offers numerous classes online and has several degree programs that are fully online from start to finish. We have highly experienced and successful online instructors who have been working with our less experienced online instructors to provide advice on the best ways to teach remotely.

At the university-wide level, KU has an incredible infrastructure for remote teaching, including our Center for Online and Distance Learning (CODL) and our Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). CODL is home to a number of instructional designers who are supporting our instructors in changing formats on an accelerated timeline. These individuals are experts in best practices for remote teaching. Likewise, CTE has always been a hub for faculty to discuss and learn about best practices in teaching. CTE has been holding numerous webinars and consultation hours to help our instructors move courses to remote formats that foster student learning.

Student Support
Our student support centers are taking steps to be readily available to our students. Our College Advising and Student Services (CASS) office, which supports undergraduate students, and our College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA), which supports graduate students, have transitioned to online and phone appointments and are readily available to students. You can visit their websites for more details, at http://collegeadvising.ku.edu/ and http://coga.ku.edu/.

In addition, our College Online advisors have been providing support to the campus in helping us understand the guidance that students will need to be successful in a remote teaching context. They are contributing to the success tips for students available at https://remote.ku.edu/guide. Please check this site regularly because we are continuing to post helpful information for students each day in anticipation of your return to class on Monday.

Lastly, the university support centers are actively transitioning to remote formats. Crucial services such as tutoring and topic-specific help rooms are making the move to online availability. More details are forthcoming as students re-start their courses next week.

Keep in Touch
This is not how any of us wanted to end the semester. We will encounter some bumps, but know that our faculty and staff are rising to the occasion to ensure that learning will still take place and students will stay on track with your educational goals. When you have questions, please send them to clasdean@ku.edu. We will continue to send updates as new resources and guidance develop. We look forward to having you back in class next week.


John Colombo, PhD
Interim Dean
Director, Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies
Professor of Psychology