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Follow Your Passion

With over 100 graduate degrees, the College has ample graduate study opportunities in almost all subjects we offer. This includes plenty of opportunity to work with professors on groundbreaking research. Find the graduate program that interests you most here.

Students must apply for admission through the Office of Graduate Studies. Click here to learn about the application process and specific requirements for admission.Once you’ve been admitted, the College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA) is there to answer your questions and provide administrative and professional development support along your graduate career path. Visit the COGA website to learn more about how the College supports you while you complete your degree.

Professional Development
For those looking to pursue something other than an academic career after finishing an M.A. or Ph.D., the College also offers support for alternative careers. Check out COGA’s Professional Development website to learn about career options outside of academia.

Undergrads looking ahead
Undergraduate students who know they want to attend graduate school can start preparing early! If you’ve identified a passion for research in a specific area, connect with your professors to find opportunities to get research experience as an undergrad student. These opportunities, along with maintaining a solid GPA, will help you get a foot in the door for grad school.

If you’re a recently admitted student, or in your first year of study, you may be eligible to complete an accelerated degree that allows you to complete your undergrad and grad degrees in a shorter amount of time. Learn more here.