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Retirement luncheon set for unclassified professional staff and university support staff

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

PLEASE NOTE:  There are two retirement luncheons in May:

  •             May 17 recognizes retiring unclassified professional staff and university support staff
  •             May 26 recognizes retiring faculty and academic staff.

The University of Kansas will honor retiring unclassified professional staff and university support staff with a lunch at noon on Tuesday, May 17, in the Kansas Union Ballroom. 

Please direct questions to Mary Karten at mkarten@ku.edu or 864-7346.



Patricia M. Argueta, Campus Administration & Operations SSC, 31 years

Karyn Lee Baker, Center for Research on Learning, 16 years

Vickie Lynn Baldwin, Campus Operations, 31 years

Robert Roy Baldwin, Facilities Services Zone Maintenance, 17 years

Rhonda J. Birdsong, Public Safety Office, 33 years

Kevin Boatright, Office of Research, 14 years

Steve Bonebrake, Facilities Services Central Operations & Maintenance, 6 years

Craig A. Brooks, Facilities Services Zone Maintenance, 10 years

Judy K. Bryant, Facilities Services Custodial, 30 years

Elizabeth Suzanne Caldwell, University Career Center, 29 years

Gale P. Carter, Office of Research, 30 years

Mary A. Chappell, Recreation Services, 34 years

Gene Murray Chavez, Information Technology, 30 years

Ela Choromanska, Libraries-General, 25 years

Gay Lynn Clock, Chancellor's Office, 22 years

Janet L. Corwin, Music Administration, 12 years

Paula Courtney, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, 37 years

Dennis A. Crupper, Design & Construction Management, 8 years

Robert T. Curry, Physics and Astronomy, 36 years

Frank DeSalvo, Student Affairs, 24 years

Candace E. Dettbarn, Academic/Professional Programs, 36 years

Marilyn F. Figuieras, College & Professional Schools SSC, 25 years

Lisa A. Flaig, Office of Research, 29 years

Richard Lee Forque, Architecture, Design & Planning, 13 years

Ann Marie Gardner, Counseling & Psychological Services, 30 years

Doris M. Gasper, Applied English Center, 30 years

Faith A. Gorden, Pharmacy & Biomedical Research SSC, 36 years

Theresa Gordzica, Business & Financial Planning, 32 years

Samuel Eugene Gunther, Facilities Services Zone Maintenance, 23 years

Cliff Hadl, Central Operations & Maintenance, 21 years

Arthur C. Hadley, Audio Reader Program, 38 years

Bayliss C. Harsh, Libraries-General, 41 years

Karen Kolterman Heintzen, Business Administration, 23 years

Ruth Elizabeth Herpich, International Student Services, 17 years

Mary Jane Hoffer, Business Administration, 36 years

Wesley R. Hubert, Information Technology, 43 years

John M. Hunter, Center Remote Sensing Ice Sheets, 8 years

Donna A. Hurd, Watkins Health Services, 25 years

Daphne A. Johnston, International Recruitment & Undergraduate Admissions, 26 years

Jodi Parthene Jones, Office of Research, 33 years

Gary W. Lawson, Design & Construction Management, 20 years

Jose C. Leanos, Public Safety Office, 7 years

LaVerta Mae Logan, Law School, 35 years

Dale E. Long, Parking & Transit, 13 years

Linda W. Mannering, Institutional Research & Planning, 14 years

Joey C. Marschie, Information Technology, 19 years

Robert H. Marvin, Libraries-General, 40 years

Susan K. McKelvey, Watkins Health Services, 30 years

Barbara J. Menke, Law Administration, 17 years

Bruce Anthony Mensie, Kansas Public Radio/Audio Reader, 18 years

Michael Lamont Meredith, Information Technology, 4 years

Steven W. Moore, Comptroller's Office, 4 years

Carl G. Multon, Education Administration, 13 years

Pete Mynsted, Center for Research on Learning, 16 years

Ralph Virgil Oliver, Public Safety Office, 42 years

Patricia Diane Owens, Urban Planning, 22 years

Peggy B. Palmer, Campus Administration & Operations SSC, 44 years

Peggy Kay Parker, Facilities Services Custodial, 28 years

William J. Pesek, Jr., Information Technology, 40 years

William E. Reed, Central Operations & Maintenance, 13 years

Mark R. Richardson, Law Enforcement Training Center, 20 years

Marilyn E. Ruggles, Center for Research on Learning, 9 years

Jeannie Susan Russell, Facilities Services Central Operations & Maintenance, 29 years

Linda Morgan Sadler, Office of Research, 7 years

Margaret Mary Sampson, Audio Reader Program, 12 years

Cecil Oliver Schoonover, Law Enforcement Training Center, 11 years

Julia S. Shaftel, Achievement & Assessment Institute, 16 years

Alex Slater, Libraries-General, 25 years

Joy E. Sodders, Libraries-General, 43 years

Tony Stumbaugh, Central Operations & Maintenance, 18 years

Carol Francis Supancic, Public Safety Office, 36 years

James Louis Tingle, Facilities Services Zone Maintenance, 5 years

David W. Virtue, School of Pharmacy, 9 years

Melody Stronach Volek, Watkins Health Services, 8 years

David B. Weakley, Kansas Unions-Campus Dining, 12 years

Patricia Weaver, Transportation Research Center, 35 years

Warren R. Wheeler, Facilities Services Custodial, 5 years

Gary S. Wieden, Public Safety Office, 36 years

Peggy Williams, Pharmacy & Biomedical Research SSC, 32 years

Mark D. Witt, Public Safety Office, 32 years

Julie Wolf, Marketing Communications, 28 years

Lynnett Wright, Achievement & Assessment Institute, 1 year.