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In the news: week of Nov. 3, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences in the media between Nov. 3 and Nov. 10, 2014

Academic Science Isn’t Sexist - New York Times 

Professor of economics, Donna Ginther has partnered with economist Shulamit Kahn of Boston University and psychologists Stephen Ceci and Wendy Williams of Cornell University to publish an article that argues gender inequality in academic science is at an end.

The study reveals experiences of young to mid-career women in math-intensive fields are mostly similar to those of their male counterparts. Women are more likely to receive hiring offers, are paid roughly the same, are generally tenured and promoted at the same time, remain in their fields at roughly the same rate, have their grants funded and articles accepted as often and are about as satisfied with their jobs. With a few exceptions, academic science in math-based fields reflects gender fairness, rather than gender bias.

However, women are still underrepresented in math-intensive fields. According to their research, the issue is rooted in women’s earlier educational choices and occupational preferences. Research shows that as children, girls tend to be more interested in living things (such as people and animals), while boys tend to prefer playing with machines and building things. As adolescents, girls express less interest in careers like engineering and computer science. Despite earning higher grades throughout schooling in all subjects — including math and science — girls are less likely to take math-intensive advanced-placement courses like calculus and physics. Additionally, women are also less likely to declare college majors in math-intensive science fields. 

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