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KU will honor faculty, academic staff retirees

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

PLEASE NOTE:  There are two retirement luncheons in May:

            May 17: recognizes retiring unclassified professional staff and university support staff

            May 26: recognizes retiring faculty and academic staff

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas will honor retiring faculty and academic staff members with a lunch at noon May 26 in the Kansas Union Ballroom. Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little and Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Sara Rosen will recognize the employees during the lunch.

Retirees and one guest will be guests of the chancellor. Cost for additional guests is $20. For reservations, send a check payable to KU to Debra Bia, Chancellor’s Office, 230 Strong Hall.  The reservation deadline is Thursday, May 19.



Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Theatre, 25 years

Kathryn Algren, Applied English Center, 17 years

Ron Ash, Business, 35 years

Jane Atwater, Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, Life Span Institute, 28 years

Jeffrey Aubè, Medicinal Chemistry, 29 years

James Barnes, Music, 41 years

Zamir Bavel, Information Processing Studies, 47 years

Neal Becker, Economics, 25 years

Timothy Bengtson, Journalism, 37 years

Dan Bernstein, Psychology, 14 years

Judy Bonifield, Applied English Center, 17 years

Ronald Borchardt, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 44 years

John Bricke, Philosophy, 47 years

Frank Brown, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 31 years

Betty Bunce, Speech-Language-Hearing, 39 years

James Carothers, English, 46 years

Carol Ann Carter, Visual Arts, 20 years

Swapan Chakrabarti, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 29 years

Muriel Cohan, Dance, 27 years

Anne Cudd, Undergraduate Studies, Philosophy, 27 years

Douglas Denney, Psychology, 44 years

Martin Dickinson, Law, 48 years

Jerome Dobson, Geography, Kansas Biological Survey, 14 years

Marleen Elliott, Achievement and Assessment Institute, 25 years

Daphne Fautin, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 23 years

Stephen Fawcett, Applied Behavioral Science, Life Span Institute, 40 years

Stephen Fowler, Pharmacology & Toxicology, 21 years

Harold Godwin, Pharmacy Practice, 47 years

Gary Grunewald, Medicinal Chemistry, 50 years

Allan Hanson, Anthropology, 50 years

David Holmes, Psychology, 44 years

Cima Katz, Visual Art, 37 years

Susan Kemper, Psychology, Gerontology Center, 38 years

Jim Kreider, Social Welfare, 25 years

Jill Kuhnheim, Spanish and Portuguese, 16 years

Ed Laut, Music, 38 years

Diane Loeb, Speech-Language-Hearing, 26 years

Mary (Lissa) Lord, KU Libraries, 12 years

Marc Mahlios, Curriculum and Teaching, 21 years

Don Marquis, Philosophy, 48 years

Philip McKnight, Curriculum and Teaching, Humanities & Western Civilization, 45 years

Eli Michaelis, Pharmacology & Toxicology, 42 years

Karen Multon, Educational Psychology, 13 years

Diane Corcoran Nielsen, Curriculum and Teaching, 26 years

Sharon O’Brien, Center for Global and International Studies, 17 years

David Ohle, English, 14 years

Joshua Rosenbloom, Economics, 27 years

Tracy Callaway Russo, Communication Studies, 21 years

Benjamin Sax, History, 36 years

Elaine Sharp, Political Science, 37 years

Joseph Sicilian, Economics, 40 years

Richard Simpson, Special Education, 42 years

Terry Slocum, Geography, 34 years

John Staniunas, Theatre, 18 years

Don Steeples, Geophysics, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, 41 years

John Stratton, KU Libraries, 16 years

Donald Stull, Anthropology, 40 years

Christine Jensen Sundstrom, Applied English Center, 28 years

Kathy Suprenant, Molecular Biosciences, 32

Edith Taylor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity Institute, 21 years

Barbara Thompson, Special Education, 32 years

Linda Trueb, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity Institute, 34 years

Del Unruh, Theatre, 39 years

David Vertačnik, Visual Art, 36 years

Andrea Whittemore, English, 16 years

Jane Wong, Design, 42 years

Bedru Yimer, Mechanical Engineering, 36 years.