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College staff members named Employees of the Month

Thursday, April 10, 2014

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas has announced its Employees of the Month for October 2013-March 2014, who are under consideration along with April-September 2013 honorees to be named the Employee of the Year at the annual recognition ceremony, which will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 7, in the Kansas Union Ballroom.

In addition to recognition of the Employee of the Month honorees, service pins are given to five- through 15-year honorees, and gifts are given to honorees with 20-50 years of service. Honorees, faculty and staff, and family members are invited to attend a reception that follows.

University Support Staff Employee of the Month for October 2013

Name: Jeff Worth

Start date: 2007

Current title: Electronics technologist for the Department of Physics & Astronomy

What that means:  In his position, Worth supports faculty, staff and students in the department by designing, maintaining and repairing electronic instrumentation and modifying existing equipment. He also maintains the nanoscience cleanroom and provides training procedures and tests for all personnel before they are admitted to the cleanroom. Jeff instructs graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, technicians, research assistants and others in the maintenance and use of electronic instruments throughout the department's labs.

Notable:  Worth is an extremely dedicated employee and has the ability to fix any problem with significant savings to the university. When a $150,000 surface profiler in the department was in need of repair, causing the delay of various research projects, he was able to fix the profiler. While he was extremely busy with several other projects, Worth decided to spend some time in early mornings or late afternoons to step-by-step diagnose the problem. What the vendor couldn’t do in three visits and with $25,000, he was able to do in about a week with $30. Worth did an excellent job in supporting research mission of the department and KU over the past year. In particular, he identified and fixed an alpha stepper and the X-Ray diffractometer in KUCR's imaging lab which has been down for several years. By fixing these pieces of equipment Worth has not only saved researchers invaluable time but also several tens of thousands dollars for KU. This last year he was been a great help as an instructor when he took over a sick colleague’s job and set up physics demonstrations in a wide range of classrooms. He not only did this for classes but also helped the Society of Physics Students bring physics demonstrations to four local grade schools.


University Unclassified Employee of the Month for December 2013

Name: Anne Sawyer

Start date: 2007

Current title: Executive assistant to the Dean at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

What that means: Sawyer manages general office operations of the Dean’s Office and supervises support staff. She also serves as secretary to the College Assembly and provides administrative support to the College Committee on Appointments, Promotion & Tenure, the College Academic Council and the Committee on the Evaluation of Chairs & Directors. Dean Danny Anderson, the College Dean’s Office collectively and the large network of departments that make up the College (almost two-thirds of the campus) all depend upon her in some different way, and she not only helps all staff be successful, but she always goes the extra mile to listen to a concern, solve a problem, and remind everyone of the value of laughter in keeping a balanced perspective.

Notable: The College participated in the establishment of the first Shared Service Center beginning in summer 2012, and Anne has played a central role coordinating meetings, tracking communications and helping ensure that the right people were prepared for the next step throughout the entire process. She embodies the spirit of being able to lead from the position one occupies. Her influence in the process of launching the SSC has been significant, and she is Anderson’s “ghost writer” and collaborator in reviewing and revising all communications about the SSC for the College. She brings intelligence, enthusiasm and commitment to the task of accomplishing its mission.