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College announces faculty election results for 2020-21 terms

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has completed its annual elections to appoint new representatives on governance committees across student affairs and curriculum, faculty affairs, and administrative affairs. Governance committees ensure broad input as the College reviews and sets policies, procedures, and curricular developments.

Faculty in the College are eligible to be nominated and to vote. In the spring election, 253 ballots were cast, or 41.4% of the electorate. 

Positions are distributed to represent the College’s divisions of Humanities, International & Interdisciplinary Studies, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, School of the Arts, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. 

The new representatives to the College’s governance committees are as follows:

College Academic Council – 3-year terms

  • Peter Grund, English (Humanities)
  • Marcy Lascano, Philosophy (Humanities)
  • Anthony Fehr, Molecular Biosciences (Natural Sciences & Mathematics)
  • Rana Esfandiary, Theatre (School of the Arts)

College Committee on Appointments, Promotion & Tenure – 3-year terms

  • Christopher Forth, Humanities (Humanities)
  • Alesia Woszidlo, Communication Studies (Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • Mary Anne Jordan, Visual Art (School of the Arts)

Committee on Evaluation of Chairs & Directors – 2- or 3-year terms

  • Jonathan Lamb, English (Humanities)
  • Benjamin Sikes, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (Natural Sciences & Mathematics)
  • Paula Fite, Clinical Child Psychology (Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • John Hoopes, Anthropology (Social & Behavioral Sciences)

Committee on Sabbatical Leaves – 3-year terms

  • Molly Zahn, Religious Studies (Humanities)
  • Kyoungchul Kong, Physics & Astronomy (Natural Sciences & Mathematics)
  • Claudia Dozier, Applied Behavioral Sciences (Social & Behavioral Sciences)

Committee on Graduate Studies – 3-year terms

  • Antonio Simoes, Spanish & Portuguese (Humanities)
  • Marco Caricato, Chemistry (Natural Sciences & Mathematics)
  • Ben Wolfe, Environmental Studies (International & Interdisciplinary Studies)

Committee on Undergraduate Studies & Advising – 3-year terms

  • Darren Canady, English (Humanities)
  • Helena Malinakova, Chemistry (Natural Sciences & Mathematics)
  • Andrew McKenzie, Linguistics (Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • Alcides Velasquez, Communication Studies (Social & Behavioral Sciences)